CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

Automotive tooling has long been a crucial part to the manufacturing of a car. Today automotive tooling is transitioning from high-volume and low-mix to low-volume and high-mix production. For example, a Ford F-150 used to have a single body style for all Ford F150’s. Now the Ford F-150 has 6 trim packages with three different body styles. This requires more tooling in order to produce different versions of the F-150. This means that production efficiency and cost effectiveness is of the utmost importance.

In automotive manufacturing, some of the most common CNC Machined parts are:

  1. Engines
    1. Cylinder heads
    1. Cylinder block
  2. Lighting
    1. Prototyping of new light fixtures
    1. Windows
  3. Exhaust systems
  4. Bushings
  5. Suspension Components

This is only a small fraction of parts which are currently being produced by CNC Machines

Some of the reasons that CNC Machining is used for manufacturing automotive parts is:

  1. Speed – With high volume parts the computer only needs to follow the same line of code. This makes it faster than having each part manufactured by human hands.
  2. Repeatability – This is because every part is made from the same line of code for that part. With the computer running the same line of code there is no need to worry about deviation between parts.  
  3. Accuracy and Precision – CNC machines can be accurate up to .0001”. To put this into perspective, the diameter of a human hair is .001”. When working with tolerances like this automotive manufacturers can be assured that CNC machines will always produce a quality part.

Here at Digitrace we hold a unique position in the automotive industry. This comes from the large size of our equipment. Our specialty is producing die shoes for the automotive industry. Die shoes are what tool & die makers build their die on to produce their desired car parts. Dies are used to produce a range of car parts such as bumpers, hoods and side panels. These are some of the most critical parts of a car. Because of this, quality of these pieces is important for both aesthetic and durability reasons.

If you are in the automotive industry and need die shoes for your stamping presses then look no further than Digitrace. We have all of the tools necessary to meet all of your die shoe needs.

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