Takeaways from Sea-Air-Space and MIL AM Summit

The past two weeks have been filled with travel for the sales team at Digitrace as we attended two events, The Sea-Air-Space Conference in Washington DC and the MIL AM Summit in Tampa, Florida. The reason for us attending was to gain knowledge and insights into the current state of the DoD and how our capabilities could assist them in future programs. Below are a couple of takeaways from the two events:

  1. The DoD acquisition system needs improvements to be able to compete with other countries around the world. In the U.S. the acquisition process often takes months, sometimes years. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace they find that this is not a sustainable model and fear that if we can’t speed this process up we will fall behind other countries in terms of technology.
  2. One quote that stuck out was, “The U.S. is no longer entitled to preordained dominance on the battlefield”. The U.S. has long held the title of having the strongest military in the world and this is something that still remains true, but the title does not carry the same weight as it once did. As countries such as Russia and China continue to make technological advances the battlefield becomes more and more contested and the gap between military power shrinks. There U.S. now has company in the realm of world power houses and is something that they are keeping a close eye on.
  3. The space race is now stronger than ever as countries look to get any advantage that they can. The U.S. has the best space program in the world and this advantage allows us to put items further into space than any country, giving us a communication advantage in times of war.
  4. Additive manufacturing is helping to make the army supply chain stronger by giving warfighters the ability to print critical parts on demand. What once was damage that could keep a plane grounded or a tank out of use for months is now damage that can be repaired in a matter of hours, days, or weeks due to additive manufacturing. This will allow warfighters to get back to the mission faster and offers a great advantage for the U.S. Military.

These little snippets only scratch the surface of what was learned at these two events and we want to thank both the Navy League and DSI for putting together great events. These events have encouraged us to continue finding ways to assist the U.S. Military to help our warfighters gain an advantage on the ground, under the sea, in the sky, or into the depths of space.

As a precision machine shop that specializes in large parts we are capable of producing the largest critical parts that are required for all departments of the military. If you have any machining needs or questions about our capabilities please visit www.digitraceltd.com and contact us, we would be happy to assist in any way possible.

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