specializing in large and complex machining

“Can-Do” Collaborative Culture

We never say “no” to client requests; we say “let’s figure it out.” Digitrace customers talk directly with the people doing the work to conquer the most demanding precision manufacturing challenges.  Our “can-do” people, processes and technologies deliver what other CNC providers cannot.

Man standing in a large, circular metal piece.

One-of-a-Kind Solutions

Digitrace has produced CNC machine parts that have never been made before in America. Mission-critical and emerging technology clients turn to us when unique and complex machining solutions are needed and failure is not an option.

Two employees load a large, metal rounded piece onto the back of a flatbed truck.

Next-Gen Ready

Digitrace is a working partner with leading American companies in aerospace, defense, energy and automotive. We are helping lead the way to make the next generation of advanced rockets and jets possible.

Four employees help load a metal piece onto the back of a large truck.

highly Responsive

There are no layers or silos to navigate at Digitrace.  We are nimble and able to move quickly  on short notice. Our customer engagement is interactive and fluid, so we can shift direction when customer needs change . The Digitrace team is a speedboat, not a  cruise ship.  

An employee points at a computer screen in front of another employee

Our Team is Your Team

We plan and timeline with you. We prototype when you are ready. We challenge every step in the production process to improve outcomes and efficiencies. We test and retest to ensure ultimate precision and premium quality.

Easy Repeat Orders

Digitrace delivers common CNC production, general machining and fabrication orders 24 hours a day to make sure our delivery cycle stays on track and delivery deadlines are met.

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