expertly managing
every step of production

value-added services

Digitrace manages every step of every project for delivery of all types of precision machining and innovation. We save our customers time and headache by delivering orders to specification. Project management at Digitrace allows customers to focus on other critical parts of projects while Digitrace delivers the extreme precision machining they require for the job.

Digitrace has established a reliable and accountable network of subcontracted specialists. We integrate our specialty partners when a specific aspect of your job requires even more than what Digitrace can provide on-site.

Our relationships with specialty providers who are experts in their respective fields is what sets us apart from other shops. Every subcontracting partner is securely admitted and carries Digitrace confidentiality and non-disclosure as part of their contracts with us. They work on our timeline and deliver to keep projects on track and on budget.

Digitrace Certifications
Metal piece grinding and shooting sparks.


Large metal pieces that are red hot coming out of an oven.

Heat Treating

Hand powder coats a large yellow metal ring.

Powder Coating

Man welds inside a large metal tube.


Employee inspects a rounded metal piece.

Non-Destructive Testing

Hands measure the size of a metal ring on blueprints.

Reverse Engineering

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